But Can Your Comments Compete?

Yes, relevancy is the key to placing good comments that will make your back links valuable. However relevancy is scalable, so we need to take it a bit further into the realms of effectiveness. You see, relevancy may get your comments approved, but can your comments compete effectively?

OK I admit it. I’m on a bit of a “comment crusade” lately to get people to leave better remarks both here and pretty much everywhere commenting is allowed. Perhaps it’s because I’m a marketer, and as such I believe every aspect of marketing has to deal with competition.

We strive to put quality content on our sites in order to compete for top ranking and high listings on the search engines, we work diligently to create products that are better than the next guy’s to compete for customers, and we work our butts off to build massive lists to compete for affiliate commissions and other profitable offers.

But when it comes to leaving comments, how many think “cool post!” or other meaningless “this is just to get my link on your site” dribble is good marketing?

Let’s face it, in the online world we’re all competing for eyes. Site content is placed strategically where most visitors’ eyes go, we make our posts as interesting as possible to attract eyes to follow down to the end.

Sure, we talk about traffic, customers, and clients, but what we’re really talking about is eyes. Eyes that need to be attracted to whatever it is we want them to see.

So when we think about comments all lined up in a row, perhaps hundreds of them, how do we attract eyes to see our comment? How do we compete for those eyes and get them to focus on what we say over every other remark?

I don’t know about you, but when I look through comments on an interesting post, I look for anything that takes the conversation to the next level. You know, something that fills in the blanks, adds a point missed in the article, or just has an eloquent way of emphasizing what the author was expressing. Basically I look for comments showing insight and intelligence on the subject.

You see, the great part about comment-able sites is they tap into our human nature.

We read all the time, but there’s always a nagging “did I get this?” uncertainty when we’re done. Being able to see how other people reacted to what we’ve just read helps in this regard, especially when those reactions either give some assurance to our own conclusion, or clarifies the points we’re not so sure about.

By having some thought behind your comment, you can fill this uncertainty and gain the respect of those looking through the comment section.

Another way of making your comments compete is by directly addressing other comments in the thread. Obviously you wouldn’t want to flame anyone, but often comments by others completely miss the point or take it into the wrong direction.

Some times other people’s comments may spark something in your own mind that you can build on. And while you may actually be agreeing with the other commenter, adding to their point will make yours a competing comment enriching the conversation to a higher level.

The point here is to make your comments act like shiny objects in a sea of gray. People do read comment sections for a number of reasons, and so if you can make your comments compete for their attention, then you’ll have a much better chance of making yours more than just a back link. Put some real thought behind what you write and see for yourself!

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