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Chilean Miners – When Good Things Happen to Good People

Thank God they’re finally out!

Unless you’ve been trapped underground for 70 days
(like the guys you’re reading about in this post),
then you already know about “Los treinta y tres” – “The 33.”

As in, “The 33 Trapped Chilean Miners”

After 70 grueling days, they finally tasted the sweetness
of fresh air.

What a fiasco! Could you imagine being trapped underground
for that period of time?  With 32 other men?
No shower.  No bathroom.  No music.  No women…
And for a while, no real food or water – just a scant supply
of tuna fish & milk to be rationed out among everyone else.

But what a miracle!  These guys all came out after more than
two MONTHS of being trapped underground in remarkably good
health AND great attitude!

But how did they do it?
How did they manage to survive all that time?

How did they hang on through all the desperation,
the fear, the darkness, the insecurity, and – most of all –
the feeling that they would die down there in a hole
a half a mile underground?

When I asked my girlfriend, Carmen, this question,
she said that there had to be a leader – someone
who would step up & answer the challenge to lead
these men out of the depression & inherent desperation
of their obvious situation and guide them through it all.

…And she was right!

As we watched the Spanish news coverage of the rescue,
they talked about 2 men who really went above & beyond
the call of their jobs & provided true leadership in both a
literal & figurative dark time.

Naturally, it happened to be the two oldest guys of the crew.
I can’t remember any of their names right now,
except they called one “Super Mario” because of his super attitude.
And because his name is Mario.  (Duh!)

These guys are pretty much set for life at this point.
No doubt they’ll receive book & movie offers,
interviews, and everything else the world wants to give ’em.

I doubt they’ll ever set foot in another mine again.
At least, I HOPE not!  Sheesh!

And I say: Good for them!  They deserve it!
I mean, that’s the least they should get for being stuck in a hole
for that amount of time, away from their families, wives, girlfriends & mistresses.

But here’s a question for you:

Would YOU be willing to spend more than 2 months underground
with a bunch of other sweaty guys if you knew that
when you came out, you’d be a millionaire,
and probably never have to work another day in your life if
you didn’t want to?

…Not that these guys knew that going in, of course.

But what if you did?  Would you do it?

Please leave your interesting comments below.

I look forward to reading & sharing them.

Enjoying life above ground,


P.S.  You don’t have to spend two months underground to earn your
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