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Make Free Phone Calls From Your Gmail!

Hey Guys,

I just found out about a cool new thing that Google is offering
for those of us who have/use Gmail.

It looks like you can now make phone calls directly from your Gmail account!!
This just keeps getting better & better.

All you have to do is just download a simple plugin to your browser.
I have Firefox, and if you do too, you can download the plugin here:

When you install that plugin, you can also use Video Chat for free.
Obviously, you’d need a microphone and/or webcam (if you’re going video).

I haven’t used it… yet… But will soon.
And I think I’m going to tell my mom about this.
If SHE can figure it out (at 82 years old), then most other people
should as well.
Yes. This includes you.

But think about how many different ways you can use this-
whether for personal or business.
You could quickly call someone right from your Gmail insted of chatting w/ them.
You could use this for your marketing efforts by getting a hold of someone right away.
And a LOT more.

So check it out & let me know how it works for you!



Is Internet Marketing Only For Younger People?

On average, a large percentage of people involved in Internet marketing are younger people between the ages of 18 to 35. But is Internet marketing just for younger people? Or can seasoned old style door to door salespeople and even older newbies do just as well with it?

Sure, there are new marketing techniques being taught in school that maybe an older person may not have privy to, and perhaps the technology of the web might be easier for a younger person to latch onto. But that doesn’t necessarily mean Internet marketing is solely for the young.

You see, the best way to build a brand and make a living from it is through experience. Experience is what makes experts, and older folks have plenty of it. The trick is in finding a marketing strategy that will bring that experience to light and make it stand out.

And even with that, most old marketing strategies still work when adapted to the new technology. Just look at how popular the book, “Think and Grow Rich” still is among Internet marketers. This book was written a long time ago, but the marketing theories apply just as well as when it was written.

In fact, it’s all the same thing really. You need a supplier and a market. Supply and demand.

My dad was always in sales. He sold everything from restaurant table lamps to land in Florida. Regardless of what he was selling, he needed a supplier and a market to sell it to.

Of course his was more physical a job. He had to travel a lot so he could bring the goods and services to the client. He didn’t have a web site, simply because web sites didn’t exist at that time. And phones back then weren’t very smart, so no pictures were ever sent to clients. He had to manually mail out brochures via snail mail to precede his visits.

It was a lot more work to make a sale back then, but really, with the exception of physical travel, Internet marketing is pretty much the same. You still need connections, you still need clients, and you still need the skills and rapport to deal with people.

And actually, what we’re seeing now is a return to the standard customer relationship building so vital back in my dad’s day. The hey days of full automation and high tech generic selling are fading away, leaving us with customers who want to know and trust those they buy from.

So they say “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” but this isn’t entirely true, especially if the old dog is able, willing, and the tricks aren’t all that different than the ones he already knows.

Sure there’s technical stuff like site building, video, and the like that needs some consideration. But with systems like WordPress and YouTube, these can easily be conquered, so that someone with a minimum of Internet know how can get by.

No, these things are incidental to success online and can even be outsourced if need be.

What’s really needed are the same marketing skills used by the old Fuller Brush man, the Avon lady, and the encyclopaedia salesman that would come knocking on doors.

So whether you were one of these people, or you were a customer of any of these, you have the knowledge needed to make a living on the Internet.

In fact, with the abilities of the older generation sales force, it could be argued then that a “seasoned” person might have an advantage over the younger Internet marketer. Just having the experience in dealing with customers one on one, in their homes and offices, gives someone from the old days of marketing and selling a leg up.

So is Internet marketing just for younger people? Not by a long shot! By applying the experience they’ve accumulated over the years, older folks can do just as well, and even better. Because, in reality, the only difference between then and now is the vehicle used to reach the clients.

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