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Do You Need a Mobile Website?

Do you have a website? If so, great!

But let me ask you something: Have you seen your website on a Cell Phone or Mobile Device?  What does it look like?

Chances are it probably doesn’t look so good. But that can be fixed.

Now, if you have a business & a website, you might wonder if you truly need a mobile optimized website.

Personally, I believe without a shadow of a doubt that the answer is a resounding: YES!
If your prospects/visitors don’t have a good experience on your website because they have to pinch, scroll, and zoom to see your content, guess what’s probably going to happen?

They’ll leave! Not good.

But don’t just take my word for it. I just came across a couple great articles I’d like to share here with you. Check these out, then contact me to get more information on how YOU can get a beautiful, customized, mobile-optimized website for yourself or your business for a lot less than you think!


Article 1:

Does your business need a mobile website?

(Original Source Here)

It’s all the rage: mobile websites. Experts predict by 2014 more than two-thirds of all searches performed online will be done with a cell phone or tablet, i.e., a mobile device. So that leads you to this question: does your website


Article 2:


Why Does My Business Need a Mobile Website? « Business Matters

(Original Source Here)

Why Does My Business Need a Mobile Website? January 7, 2013. Increasing the exposure of any company is essential in building a strong foundation and extending the overall footprint of the business. Reaching new customers and letting


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Make Free Phone Calls From Your Gmail!

Hey Guys,

I just found out about a cool new thing that Google is offering
for those of us who have/use Gmail.

It looks like you can now make phone calls directly from your Gmail account!!
This just keeps getting better & better.

All you have to do is just download a simple plugin to your browser.
I have Firefox, and if you do too, you can download the plugin here:

When you install that plugin, you can also use Video Chat for free.
Obviously, you’d need a microphone and/or webcam (if you’re going video).

I haven’t used it… yet… But will soon.
And I think I’m going to tell my mom about this.
If SHE can figure it out (at 82 years old), then most other people
should as well.
Yes. This includes you.

But think about how many different ways you can use this-
whether for personal or business.
You could quickly call someone right from your Gmail insted of chatting w/ them.
You could use this for your marketing efforts by getting a hold of someone right away.
And a LOT more.

So check it out & let me know how it works for you!