Dancing & Real Estate – Part 2

(This is Part TWO of a Two-Part Article/Post)
Dancing…and Real Estate? What gives?

What? You still want to know what else dancing & real estate investing have in common?
Ok, lest ye forget what we had talked about in our last article,
I’ll give you a quick reminder.
After all, it’s been a month already, right?
And let’s get all the new kids caught up to speed, too…
As both a Ballroom Dance Instructor (14 yrs) & Real Estate Investor (4 yrs),
I noticed that these seemingly different disciplines had some things in common, namely:
1. You have to LEAD;
2. You have to deal with OBSTACLES;
3. You’ve gotta have RHYTHM;
4. You need BALANCE; and…
5. You’ve gotta have the right PARTNER!
Remember all those? It’s ok – because if you can’t remember the details of these commonalities, just go get last month’s issue of this publication… it’s all there!
But guess what? We’re not done yet!
Yes, just when you thought it was safe to get back on
the dance floor, along comes a new set of things that they have in common!
Here’s What ELSE Dancing & Real Estate Investing Have in Common:

6. You Should always ASK!
That’s right… ask! ASK someone to dance! ASK the seller if they’ll sell you the house for what they owe on it! ASK them what their favorite dance or music is. ASK if they have any questions. ASK what the most important thing about selling their house or buying a house or investing their money with you is!
ASK them for their business. (That might be different in a social setting!)
Ask, ask, ask. What’s the worst that could happen?
They could say no? (Gasp!)
Ha! Believe me, if you approach any condition with the confidence, poise,
and polish of an experienced & professional investor (or dancer),
the chances of anyone saying ‘No’ to you go ‘waaaaaaayyyyyyyy down!’ (Imagine Marshall Sylver saying that).
7. You Should Make it FUN!
That’s right… fun! Something I’ve definitely noticed in the time that I’ve been alive & doing business is that people are starving to be entertained.
Now, I’m NOT saying to just give them all sizzle & no steak, or just dazzle them with your footwork, but if you can successfully make doing business
(or dancing) with you an enjoyable experience for the
other person, not only will you make more money, blow away the competition, have more friends, etc., but – shoot – you’ll just feel better about yourself, too! And the last time I
checked, if you feel good about yourself, you’ll attract the right people to you…almost as if by magic!
How to make it fun? Call them by name. Smile more. Make them laugh.
Ask them about themselves (in a way that applies to what you’re doing), their family, hobbies… and even dancing!
Before you know it, you’ll both be feeling good, and next thing you know, the dance is over & you’ve done the deal. (Take that how you want to!) 😉
A friend of mine recently said to me, “Tony, success is an aphrodisiac!”
Well, guess what? He’s right!  And dancing is an aphrodisiac, too… did you know that?
Think about the last time you danced. Imagine the feeling.
Hopefully, it’s a good one.
Were you with someone special? How did they feel?
Chances are if it was a positive
experience, you had a good night – ah – time!
Now think about the last good deal you closed! Did you feel all warm & fuzzy inside? How did the person with whom you were doing business feel?
Were they happy that you got
things done when you said you would?
I just hope you took the time to celebrate the way you wanted & deserved afterwards!
9. It’s a Partnership.
Never forget this. In dancing, you are both dancing together to the music. At least I hope you are! (I’ve seen people dancing to some music I swear only they heard!)
In real estate investing, remember that you are ALL working towards getting the deal closed. This includes the seller, Title Company, buyer, appraiser, agent, etc.
Early in my investing career, I had come up against a couple situations where I incorrectly perceived that someone was trying to stop the deal from going through. One time, I lost the deal. The next one, I simply reminded myself that this person is actually on my team, but they just had an issue with something. By this realization, I was able to step back &
reassess the situation. I then returned & reminded this guy that we were on the same team & just wanted to get the deal closed. He agreed & this opened up a new line of conversation. From there, we got it done – he got paid, and so did I! Sweet!
10. Make Them Look/Feel Good!
Now, I must say that as a man, this is my job to make the lady look good on the dance floor. There’s an old expression we would use in the dance business:
“The Man is the Frame, and the Lady is the Picture.”

So, if you’re a lady, your job is to look good, right? Right. But in order to do that, you would need to follow the leader – the man! If you’re fighting him the whole time, nobody looks good, least of all you. Sorry, but that’s the truth.
In real estate investing, particularly negotiating (and isn’t just about everything a negotiation?), I’ve noticed that the best deals have been the ones where I let the other person look or feel like they’ve won!
Hey, it’s not always about sucking every bit of juice out of the deal. Sometimes, you’ve just gotta slow your dancing down a little bit in order to move at the other person’s speed.
…And here’s the last one:
11. Always Finish Well!
Ahhh, here we are… The music is just about to end or the deal is almost done. Everything has gone ok up to this point, so you want to make sure you finish the dance or the deal correctly… With a Big Bang!!
Make a lasting impression!
Obviously, in dancing, the man would want to dip the lady or spin her with an inside underarm turn, followed by a quick bow to ‘properly’ finish the dance, right?
And what are some ways you can ‘Finish Well’ in a real estate transaction?
Well, it all depends! Are you buying the house or selling it? In either case, you should always send a card, thanking them for their business – or maybe call them & let them know how things are going or went.
Maybe send a basket of fruit.
And don’t forget to ask for a referral!
Well, there you have it! Now you actually know quite a bit about what real estate investing & dancing have in common!
They’re not quite so different now, are they?
And you thought I was crazy!
Well, maybe you’re right… But at least I’m having fun & making money, baby!
Tony Pearl

Tony Pearl lives & invests in the Washington, D.C. area.
Before he started investing in real estate, he was (and still is) a professional Ballroom & Latin Dance Instructor, Competitor,
Exhibitor, etc. of 14 years.
Having success in both these fields, he began to see just how
similar they are & used his experiences as a dance teacher in his real estate transactions to have fun making money!
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