Making Your Comments Reputable

In this Social Age of the web2.0 universe there are no shortages of places for people to jump into active discussions started by others. Unfortunately, too many see it as merely a means to gain back links on high Page Ranked sites, when with a little conscientious thought and consideration, you could be , and thus gain many more benefits from them.

Perhaps we’ve forgotten how annoying it was back when chat rooms were all the rage, and some punk kid kept sending the same message over and over again asking for age and sex. Or maybe we’re just so caught up in the automating capabilities of the Internet that we can’t possibly see the advantage of actually doing some things manually.

But when a blogger posts an article that screams for opinions or answers, and all he or she gets is “great post!”, or gets comments filled with product links or porn, it just doesn’t cut it.

You see, when a site provides a space for commenting, it offers some real potential for anyone thinking of filling it. Sure, if there’s a line for adding a URL, and if your comment is approved, you get a back link. But the real potential has more to do with the words you add to the comment box, because it’s those words that will increase the value of your URL and the reputation of the name you insert as the commenter.

Here’s why . . .

If your comment is to the point and adds something to the discussion, it raises the relevancy of the over all post. Your comment then can inspire others to comment as well, making the page more active. The more relevantly active a page gets, the more the search engines will take notice and add weight to it.

The more weight, the more visitors. The more visitors, the more your URL gets seen, and if that URL is attached to a brilliant comment, the greater the chance visitors will click on it to see what else you have to say.

So in essence, what might have been just a back link, now becomes an advertisement for you, and a solid reputation builder on a page getting a lot of traffic. Definitely a “two birds with one stone” situation.

And all it took was a little extra thought and a little less automation!

You see, a comment box is an opportunity for you to make a name for yourself. You get a relatively unlimited space to share your expertise by contributing to an already existing discussion. On the other hand, a comment box can also be a signal to the rest of the world that you’re just a spammer when you post generic or irrelevant statements.

The choice is yours.

But if you’re really stuck on comment automation, here’s something automatic for you . . .

By , relevant and contributing to the over all discussion, you’re nearly 100% guaranteed to get your comment approved and posted. So imagine finding yourself in a position where every comment you make assures you of getting a back link from an extremely active site. Well it just takes a little conscientious thought and some, dare we say, manual efforts to make it so.

Be Reputable!

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