My Favorite Funny YouTube Channel

What’s up?

Ok, today I have a really, really funny guy that I don’t know
but would still like to introduce you to.

His name is Ray William Johnson, and he has this hilarious YouTube Channel,
where he basically comments on funny sh– & videos that people post online.

Believe it or not, but my KIDS actually put me on to this guy,
and we’ve spent several bonding moments watching these videos,
laughing our asses off!

So… If you have ANY kind of sense of humor,
and would really like a good laugh, RUN over to watch a few of these NOW!

But I’ve got to warn you that there is some profanity (but he bleeps it out).
Of course, I love that stuff, and my kids are mature enough to handle it, so there!

You can see his stuff here:

As always, let me know what you think about these videos…

Or (as you’ll soon learn) “leave your interesting or creative
responses in the comment section

So that’s it! Go check out some of this funny stuff right now!



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