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How To Know If A Product Is Good Before You Buy It

With all the product launches and other marketing products being sold, how do you know which ones deserve a second look, or are even worth buying? After all a lot of this stuff is just rehashed junk being peddled with a new twist. So how do you know if a product is good before you buy it?

To be honest, I seldom buy anything right away as soon as its launched. It’s not a money issue, but more of a “lets see what others do with it first” kind of thing.

Most times marketers who promote products will shortly thereafter start implementing what they got out of it in their own marketing. If at least some of them show a change in their methods relating to the product in question, and if the techniques they’re adopting seem reasonable, then maybe they’ve learned something of value from it.

This can take a little while to see how a new product is being received by people who buy it, and its probably not the best barometer in determining whether a new product is good for you or not. But I can attest to having saved a great deal of energy and brain drain by waiting.

Because you see, the worst part about all these launches is, they are normally one huge distraction!

They distract you with all the notices about it from every affiliate marketer on the planet, then they distract you with their time and supply limits, and worse, they distract you will all the freebies attached to them.

Now don’t get me wrong, some of the free stuff they hand out in pre-launch is pretty good. In fact, some of it is actually worth more than the product itself in as far as teachable information goes.

But that’s all besides the point because, the real distraction is how much time they can take away from you and what you should be doing to build your own business.

You see, here’s the thing . . .

If you’re ever going to be successful in online marketing, you’re going to need a business plan and model, and stick with it. You can’t be wandering off every time someone dangles something glittery in front of you.

And really, that’s what all these launches are designed to do. Make you chase the money, or at least the prospect of it. However, if you already have a business model that you’re working, how will allowing yourself to completely look away give you anything? And what if you get pulled into several new launches a month? How will that effect your plan?

Seriously, if you really want to know if a product is good before you buy it, hold it up to your own business model. If the product is about what you’re doing, or can add to it, then buy it if you thinks its worth it. If not, let it go as soon as you know it has nothing to add to your already established plan. You’ll save hours of distracted time and plenty of money you can be investing in yourself.

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