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Tony Pearl

Hello, My Name is Tony Pearl. Welcome to My Site!

So Stick Around – I’ve got a LOT of great things to share with you.

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Like What? Here’s Like What:

  1. Saving Money!
    I like to share what I learn with you here.
    This includes things like Cell Phone plans, coupons, hotel/travel discounts, cable/internet savings, groceries & food, etc.
    Unless you know about this stuff like I do, you’ll just continue to pay 20-80% more than you have to.  My readers love me for this. I hope you do, too.
  2. Making Money!
    I’m a hard-core entrepeneur.  I’ve worked for myself in one way or another most of my working life.  So? What’s so great about that, right?
    Well, who couldn’t use more money in their pocket these days, right?
    I’d like to help you out by sharing what I know.
    Although there are a million ways to make a million bucks,
    I’m going to share with you the ways that I know how.
    These mainly fall in the making money online and the Real Estate markets.
    This is killer-cool stuff, and I’m going to show you how to put it to use quickly.
  3. How to Dance!That’s right, I said it… dance.  You got a problem??   🙂
    You see, I’m a semi-retired Ballroom & Latin Dance Instructor & competitor.
    I was on “Dancing With the Stars” back in 2007.  Almost won my contest, too!
    But I’m going to share some great info with you right here on my blog.
    No, you don’t have to read it of you don’t want to, but it’s pretty cool info,
    and you might be surprised at how much you learn!
    I’m talking Salsa, Merengue, Tango, Bachata, Foxtrot, Waltz, Swing (aka Hand Dancing), Hustle… You name it! I teach it.
  4. My Thoughts & Opinions on Raising Kids!
    I’m a single father of two amazing sons.
    As I write this, they’re 10 & 11 years old.
    Being a single father who’s raising kids on his own is rare.
    Raising kids while running businesses & trying to maintain sanity is rarer still.
    Check this out & you might get a few laughs… at my expense!
  5. Real Estate.
    The market is going crazy these days.  There’s blood in the streets.
    Foreclosures are at an all-time high. Millions of people owe more than their houses are worth.  So who ya gonna call?  Ghosbusters? Fuhgeddaboudit.
    I’m an active investor who’s still in the trenches, buying & selling houses.
    Sometimes, I like to share what’s going on & my experiences.
    I think you’ll like this.
  6. Internet Marketing.
    Want to make some passive, residual income?
    Would you be interested in something that you set up ONCE,
    then walk away but still make a consistent income every week?
    Who wouldn’t, right?
    That’s exactly what we’ll explore in this thread.  Please check it out.
    BUT BE WARNED:  This stuff is Wickedly addicting!
  7. Sports.
    Hey, I’m a guy.  I love sports.  Football, Basketball, Golf, Tennis, even Soccer.
    Come on in & let me know who YOUR favorite team is.
    Want to vent on what’s happening in the playoffs?  Bring it!
  8. Relationships.
    I’m still trying to figure this one out sometimes.
    After not one but TWO divorces & a lot of relationships,
    I think I’ve learned a thing or two about ’em.
    But I’ll be honest – I’m not perfect.
    Do you dare to take advice from me?
    Do you want to laugh at me & some of the stuff I’ve done?
    Then check this Category out & let’s have some fun while we laugh at our human condition.
    They say all is fair in Love & War.  😉
  9. My Crazy Life.
    I don’t know.  Sometimes it seems like I’ve got a lot going on.
    My friends & family kinda like to know this stuff, but if you promise
    not to laugh too hard, I might let you in…
    Besides, I hate Facebook!  Are you with me?  No?  Oh well.
  10. Electronics, Technology & Manly Toys.
    They say that we boys love our toys.
    It’s true.  And we never grow up!  The only thing that changes is the type of toys we play with.  When we’re boys, we play with toy guns, video games, legos, action figures, etc.
    When we’re men, we play with real guns, more violent video games…
    and electronics!  Big screen HDTVs, GPS units, computers, and Smartphones.
  11. The iPhone.
    And speaking of iPhones…
    It seems like everyone has one these days.  And in 2009, I joined in on the iPhone craze myself.
    I love mine!  It’s freakin’ amazing what these things can do now, and with technology getting better every day, they’re only going to continue to improve.
    In this category, I share my tips, tricks, secrets, and techniques with you so that you can get more out of your device!
  12. News About My Writing – Books, Movies, Copywriting Gigs, etc.
    Yeah, I’m a writer.  In case you didn’t know.
    I have a few books & movie ideas I’m working on, in addition to getting hired to write these cool things called Sales Letters.
    So check out this Category to see what’s going on in this department.
    Maybe I’ll send you an advance copy of my book or movie when it’s ready!
  13. Stuff I Think is Funny as Sh*t
    I’ve been told I’m a really, really funny guy.
    Now, I don’t know if they were talking about my LOOKS or my sense of humor.  But I DO like a good laugh just as much as the next guy.
    Maybe even more than the next guy.
    So here’s where I post the stuff that makes me laugh.
    If you’ve read this far, you’ll probably like this stuff, too, so check it out!

And there you have it.  So, if ANY of those categories interest you,
we have something in common!  I invite you on in & let’s be friends.

Hey, all the so-called Marketing “Gurus” say that you have to have your website be a tightly-focused Niche that people are actively searching for & have it be highly optimized.
Yeah, that might be true, but in this case, I say ‘screw that!’
There’s a LOT of things I’m interested in, and I know there are other crazy people out there just like me who are interested in this crap, too!

So let’s meet up here & have some fun while we make money, save money, laugh our asses off, and try to enjoy life in the process.

Ya with me?

Besides, it’s MY damn name & my damn Blog, and I’ll write what I wanna write about!  🙂

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Oh, I should probably warn you that I sometimes get a little… passionate
(translation = Pissed off)
at something & might (heh heh) use a little profanity.
Oops!  But since my kids might actually read some of the crazy content I publish here,
I’ll try to keep it ‘polite.’
No guarantees, though.   I keep it real.

And of course, I’d really like to encourage YOU to leave your comments or suggestions on any of my posts.  Just do me the favor of being polite, ok?
I’m a real person with real feelings.  Sometimes I get sensitive.  Usually when it rains.  Be gentle.  lol

So that’s it for now.  Thanks for coming to my Blog & reading up to this part, at least.
Please just go ahead & add your name & email to that box here somewhere & I’ll be talking to you soon!


Tony Pearl